CMS Grid only animate from center out

Hey there, newbie here :smiley:

My CMS Grid won’t align to end (bottom) and when hover interaction occurs (hovered-on div gets taller, see screenshots :slight_smile:), other grid elements move in both ways and was hoping if there is a way to make them at least attach to bottom or top so they only animate in one direction?

I also tried to create two different grid CMS so that only the right column animate when hover occurs but I need nested CMS for categories and can only nest one in a page :frowning: any idea on overcoming this?

Here is my site Read-Only: (

I am not 100% certain, but it can be a conflicting style. Probably check the alignment on all elements

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I’m not sure either where is the right element for alignment options but tried many and didn’t help :confused:

I found a solution, I indeed made two seperate CMS for each side, and gave up on nesting category CMS inside, instead I put both Projects CMS and Category CMS in a flex DIV together :slight_smile: was simpler than I thought hah.

Categories CMS had only one text div with limit to one category / item