CMS grid not wrapping when some content is archived

Hi everyone,

I think I have a simple issue that needs to get resolved. I have a new job posting section for a clients website. Each new position has a card which pulls the data from the CMS. Cards are displayed using a grid.

The client will archive/unarchive positions when they become available/unavailable. Everything is working just fine, except when I choose to unarchive 3 of the 5 positions, the remaining 2 cards are not positioned side-by-side, but rather stacked, which I don’t want.

I tried selecting “wrap” and “don’t wrap” thinking this would solve the issue, but no luck…

I’m guessing it’s an easy oversight, I just don’t know where to look. Still kinda new at this stuff…

images and link below

Thanks in advance!

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You have your grid set as 3 cols and 2 rows, with column wrapping, which means it’s flowing downward first, and across second.

Change your grid flow to Row and it will flow across first, and downward second.

You might also want to revisit your 64vw constraint on Collection List 4, as your grid doesn’t actually fit.

Thanks @memetican , once again you’ve steered me down the right path :slight_smile: I appreciate your help

And thanks for the bonus comment. However, this has opened even more questions: I noticed on your screen grab that the gaps appear to be what I selected (15px), but mine does not reflect this. Why does this happen? Where you’re showing the collection list outside of the 64vw constraint, mine is within (see image). I have my grid distribution is set to center, yet there’s something that’s pushing the cards out. There’s no margin anywhere… Any thoughts?

Webflow is great, but there are so many avenues to adjust it makes my head spin (I’m just thankful for guys like yourself willing to help!!)

Update link:

Amazing! Thank you too much for your time to explain so thoroughly. You are 100% correct in that I need to get a better grasp for html & css. I jumped into Webflow because a client of mine wanted their site built in Webflow and said “yeah, it looks pretty simple, I think you could build this yourself”. Well, yes, I suppose I did, but like you said, I did bang my head against the wall numerous times! I need to invest in softer walls… Anyhow, your information was invaluable! I made the recommended changes and everything is looking much better. I need to continue testing on other devises and browsers, but so far, it’s pretty good.

I work on a Mac, so i automatically turn to Safari. Perhaps working directly on Chrome would be better. I had some odd behavior with the font I uploaded into Webflow via Chrome. It looked like a bold version of what I uploaded…strange, but I got it to work.

Michael, thank you again! I appreciate you taking the time to not only look over my mess, but provide the video as well. So nice. You’re the best!

:laughing::joy::rofl: Best quote of the week. My walls are softer, so I now have a bunch of storage nooks for potted plants. Adds a zen-like ambiance.

I need to subscribe to this approach!