CMS Grid NOT following Section Margins

After creating the CMS Grid of my projects, I noticed that when I attempted to place my Footer symbol onto the page, it wasn’t going beneath the grid. After navigating to the Margins/Padding panel to investigate, I noticed that it was only reading the top row of the grid and ignoring the rest (see screengrab above).

How I got to this point is as follows:

  1. I created and styled the basic project card div w/ placeholders; outline stroke, image, title, and subhead
  2. Added the Collection list above the card div in my top-level projects div & linked it to the Projects collection
  3. Dragged the project card div into the Collection Item
  4. Linked each part/field of the card to the individual project info
  5. Updated the Collection List to Grid display and set it to 3-col

Why is the Section & Page ONLY recognizing the top row of the grid and not the entire grid???
HELP? Thank you!!! :smiling_face:

Read-only link: (Webflow - Ideomancer)