CMS grid items empty & sorting not responsive

I am trying to sort posts by Display Date or Published Date, and neither are responsive at all when switching.

Additionally, the CMS grid items do not stack properly. When sorted Newest to Oldest, only one item shows in the first row, and 3 in the rest of the rows. Please help me understand what is wrong with this setup. Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only. The page being referenced is the Blog page: Website

Make sure to click Save after you change the sort setting.

Published On is an internal date that indicates the last time that CMS item was modified and published. If you want a first-published-on date, you’ll need to create your own, or perhaps that’s what Display Date is for in your schema.

Switch your sorting to that.

You have a conditional visibility constraint on the inner Card DIV.
It’s hiding the inner DIV, but not its parent collection item.

If you want to hide entire items that don’t have an image, you can put that condition one level up on the Collection List Item, which you have classed as Cards.