CMS grid - how to fill up empty grid items & refer to another page?

Hi there,

What I’m trying to reach at this page (see link below):

I’m having projects that are necessary to show all… We do not want to use to pagina it or limit showing it to have the perfect fit. We want to show them all & obtain the perfect fit (always full rows) So that is why we were searching for a work a round.

So when having 4 projects - there will be 2 empty gaps I’m trying to fill with 2 CMS item - ‘Wordt dit jouw project’? What I want to obtain is that just these gaps refer to our contact page & not to the current cms page what he is doing now because I’m working with a grid were all project will be filled in…

How can I obtain this?
Would be very appreciated to have some help!

Here is my public share link:

Hi Charlotte! It looks like you have two grids for one collection right now. If you combine into one grid, all of the items will automatically fill in the blank spaces before going to a new row. Is there a reason you split these up?

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Hi there! thank you for you fast reply… Yes I did that because I want the ‘Wordt dit jouw project’ to refer to another page instead of the CMS page… is there a possibility / Custom code for necessary? Every block is now referring to its detailed project page. Tho fill in the gaps I just try to add other CMS items -> but they can not refer to the detailed page -> i want them to refer to our contact us page… & I can set it up once. Maybe a better example:

I think I found a solution - I just copied the uniek URL from & made a redirect to contact page… will have to do it to all those (filling blocks/cms items) - Is that a good solution or a bit too messy?

I can only think of one other option, which would be to add the elements from your contact page to the project cms template page and set conditional visibility so it would hide project details and show contact details if the project type was a ‘filler’. Also a little messy.

I don’t know if there’s a cleaner way to go in Webflow or not.