CMS Gallery Idea

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I have a question about CMS. I created a horizontal scroll responsive gallery which I am very happy about. I tried to make a CMS based Gallery but i couldn’t figure out how to change sizes of each block. As you can see in the Link some pictures are horizonal and some vertcial. Do you think it would make sense to change this type of gallery into a CMS based one and is it possible to change the size of each of blocks?

If it’s not possible i will stick with my solution.

Here the link —>

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not sure if I got the point of what you’re trying to do.
To make all images the same size, simply make a div the size you want, copy and paste it as many times as you need and then add the images as the background for each div.
For the CMS, it depends on what you need to do.
CMS is helpful if you want to add or change these pictures at some point.
If it just a static gallery that you won’t be editing later or is not linked to any other elements, you can go without the CMS. :+1:

Hi simoneprandini, Thank you for answer. I wasn’t sure if there is smarter way to do this galllery with a cms, but knowing it’s fine as i do it is all i need to know. Now i can start filling up my diffrent gallerys.

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