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I’d like to check if certain functionality is available for dynamic content:-

• A static navigation menu that allows you to jump to content on that page ie. (the right hand side of this page)

• An accordion style list i.e

• Thumbnails to related articles to appear on the same page. I assume this must be possible but can’t seem to find a tutorial?

• Images displayed with Lightbox. I have found various workarounds for this on the forum but they are all fairly old so wonder if this functionality had now been added?


Hi @sparky

On a static page, this is no problem. I’m not 100% sure if you can create unique anchors within a dynamic page. @Nelson would be able to answer this perhaps…

Someone posted this possible solution on the Wishlist recently, and although I haven’t tried it out… it makes sense.

As long as you create the questions and answers as a collection in the CMS, then yes this is possible. You would set up a collection called FAQ’s, type in your question as one field, and your answer in another and away you go. It’s then making an interaction on that collection item. We will be here to help if you get stuck! :vulcan_salute:

This is very straightforward. You will add a collection at the bottom of the page and filter using the designer how many items you would like to show. (Most recent/alphabetical/by author or other options available on this too)

Yes, this is a little trickier, but fairly straightforward to set up. There are a couple of ways, one of which will require a little custom code. Don’t let that put you off though as if I can do it… seriously, anyone can.

Hope this helps!

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That’s a big help! Thanks very much @magicmark

If someone can let me know on that first point that would be great…