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I have a music events website;

Part of the site offers the user to book an artist, this is built via CMS. You can find on the Artist page template that their is a form for the Promoter to request a booking for the specific artist. As this form is replicated for each artist page, I was wondering if, once the form is filled out, it can come through to my email as ‘Artist Name Booking’

Also, is there a way to add a HTML code into the CMS, this will be to embed the Soundcloud pages of each artist.

And finally, is it possible to send the form enquiries to different emails i.e. Artist booking goes through to where as a general enquiry would go to

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  1. You can rename your Form Name in each form settings where you would like to have a different name when receiving the form. Then when you receive an email it will change the name here:

Someone just submitted to Order Bananas Form from with the following

  1. Yes, you can embed code into your site using the embed component. It’s the very last item in the “Add” list on the left of Webflow.

  2. Someone might have ideas on this using Javascript to put conditionals on the form and the email it gets sent to, but it’s not something I would know how to do without some experimenting.

Hey @Pascal_T,

The problem I’m having is with the CMS pages. If I rename the form as ‘Artist Name - Booking form’ it will update each artists page with that name, so I will never know who they are actually booking asit will only come through as the artist name I named the last form as…

Hope that makes sense


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Ah I see… my simplest solution would be to add a field where they can fill in the artist name manually.