CMS (for articles/Blogs) hyperlink colour rule...How do I do this?

Hi all,

I am searching for a rule for all creations within a CMS (in this case, article/blog section) which makes all hyperlinked text have a specific colour.

I have looked into Style Guides for all links, but this would affect all links across the site including headers, footers (I believe?) etc which doesn’t suit the need.

This, in particular, would need to happen automatically, so editors who are creating the articles/blogs from ‘editor view’ can just hyperlink the text as needed, and when published it has the set colour within the article page.

How do I do this?


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I belive you can add a “color” list item within your Collection List. So when you bind your hyperlink you can also bind that color.

Hi @Cory_Runnells ,

I can see and add the colour list item within the custom fields for the CMS collection, but how do I make the hyperlinked text use this colour field?
Getting stuck on this part


Sorry, @GRC. Off the top of my head, I thought that would work. I tried it out on one of my projects, but binding that color field to the hyperlink doesn’t appear to work. It won’t override it. It does for regular text.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else knows the solution.

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Hey @GRC, I was sent this video by Webflow support to address a different question I had, but I think it’ll help you out as well. Check it out.

Hi @Cory_Runnells

Thanks for linking that video.
It looks like it should solve problems, but this website was built before I came to the company by an external agency - So a lot of the simple online solutions are not as easy as if I was to do it from scratch!

Seems to connect to more style settings across the website?