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CMS Folders or Directories?

Hello all,

at First, sorry for my bad english, i‘m from Austria.

My Question: For one of my clients, a plumber, i need subleveled collections for his services.

So is there any good (and seo–friendly) way for doing this:

First thing i made a collection named “Leistungen“ (services) where i collect the main services like Heizung(Heating), Kanal (Sewer) etc.

So the path for heating for example is now: /leistungen/heizung.

And now i also wanna make a collection for “Heizung” for creating content like “Fussbodenheizung verlegen“ (in english: installing underfloor heating).

So in my opinion the path for this should look like: “Leistungen/Heizung/Fussbodenheizung–verlegen“.

But: Like i do in Static pages, i cannot make folders for cms collections – is that right? So my path looks like this: “Heizung/Fußbodenheizung–verlegen“ instead of “Leistungen/Heizung/Fussbodenheizung–verlegen“.

Is there any workaround for this? Is this important for google’s site understanding?

Thanks in advance

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That’s right.


Google indexes the category structure ,or lack of, fine. Our only other option is static pages and folders in Webflow.

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What a pity … but okay thank you for your answer :slight_smile::ok_hand: