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CMS Flip Boxes Interaction

Hey guys, I’m hoping to get some design help with creating a simple (hopefully) flip box style interaction with CMS items. Basically I want the front of the card to show the service Title, and Icon while flipping to the back shows the description.

I’ve also thought about having the card just “lift” off the canvas to have the description fade in and having the icon fade out, but I find this very difficult without renaming EVERY single service div wrapper and icon and description to be unique, so I can affect that element individually…

Thoughts? Has anyone done this with CMS and Flexbox and Interactions?

Ok Ok so limiting to Nested Elements helps with renaming each item, got that.

and I think I got the hover effect, I’ll ditch the flip interaction for now. I always seem to figure things out right after I post for help :sweat_smile:

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