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CMS Filters, Pagination, custom code issue

Hi all,

I’m reaching out in the hope of some assistance on an existing, live project which I launched last year, but I have some issues with the CMS filtering and pagination which I think could be tackled better.

Here is the live site page in question (important to see, as I am using isotope.js to currently filter the job postings):

And here is the read-only link for the site:

Detailed issue below, but you can skip to the bold paragraph at the bottom for the quick request.

So here’s the problem: the client adds job postings into the CMS, which appear on this opportunities page. And with the data they enter, I wanted to give them the option to filter the hundreds of job postings down to Region (6), State (52) or Specialty (ever-growing).

Making those filterable options in Webflow is, as far as I know, impossible — I can, for instance, add a Collection List to the page and tell it to filter by Region alphabetically, but not WHICH region. Likewise for State, I can’t add filter buttons to filter jobs by a chosen state… and so on.

Which is why I used Isotope, to allow for the filtering to work — and it does. Until now — as there are now over 1100 jobs, I turned on WF’s Pagination to make the page more manageable and viewable.

But now, the Next/Previous buttons of the pagination are showing at the top and not the bottom (and Dave kindly confirmed this is caused by the Isotope custom code), and if the user has navigated to, say, page 50 and then clicks a filter, the results are not shown because the pagination in WF doesn’t automatically return to page 1 (and why should it, the custom code isn’t telling it to, they’re not connected).

Anyway, to cut this short — the solution I am looking for is to obviously remove the isotope custom code, and achieve the filter options within Webflow, to allow the jobs to be filtered out by a chosen region, a chosen state, or a chosen specialty —whether by buttons, or drop-down, etc.

If anyone can shed light on this, I will be hugely grateful. And if this takes someone some hours to achieve, that time will be paid.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to a few suggestions…


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I am working on a very similar problem. Can i pay you to clone your project as it fits my situation perfectly.