CMS Filtering with Finsweet Attributes - Range input instead of slider

Hey there, I am implementing filters by Finsweet’s attributes and it’s going well. A single problem I am having now is that everyone is implementing range filters with SLIDER and not just a simple min and max input.

I do not know what to put as an “identifier” so it connects “from” and “to” values correctly. Maybe it sounds complex at the moment, but once you see my example it’s going to be simple. At the near bottom, there is a price filter with input fields, and have no idea how to connect them with price values in CMS items (and should it have a dot or currency in input to grab values).

Hope someone has some experience with this! Thanks,

*Even though it’s in Croatian, I think it is understandable for this problem case.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Euro-Interijeri