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CMS filtering showing duplicate entry and leaving one missing

I’m having quite the conundrum and it’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out. I’m building a healthcare website and I have run into a strange issue with the CMS for listing the providers. There are 75 total providers in the respective CMS, and as far as I can tell, I’m only having the issue with two providers. One of the names is Hina Kouser and the other is Aqueel Kouser. If I have both of them published in the CMS Hina Kouser shows up twice and Aqueel Kouser doesn’t show at all. If I only have one of them published, it works fine. If I duplicate Aqueel Kouser, then both the original and the copy of the original show up as well as Hina Kouser. What am I missing?

Not sure if it matters, but for filtering the CMS, I’m using finsweet scripts.

Page in question:

Read-only link:

I would isolate the issue by creating a CMS list using the same data on a different page where you can manually inspect the list for duplicates. If they exist there and are not in the collection seek Webflow support. Else make an inquiry with FS.

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Hey @BroLGray we identified the issue that we believe was potentially causing this issue on your site and others. A fix was recently pushed out for this, could you check your site again let me know if the issue is fixed or not. Thanks.

Please republish the project to see the corrected order on the published site.