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CMS filtering select field


I have a collection list item,
i want to make a filtering option with select field, someone have a tutorial for that one?



Here is my public share link: LINK
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This has to be done with custom code. Mixitup or Isotope might be a way, even though there might be better options. There is this tutorial for Mixitup, but it works with a search, not a select, but I think it can be done if you read the documentation as can be seen here.

Honestly if I were you I would just use tabs, style them nicely and called it a day.

so Mixitup was a solution for me :slight_smile:

but now i have a little strange jumping when i select “All” option, I think its something with 100vh of the section but i didn’t find a solution for that :frowning:

Oh this is the Readable link