CMS filtering on the Template pages

OK trying to wrap my head around the CMS. I am setting up the template page for my main categories. In this case it is a baking site. I am trying to pull in the content dynamically so I can have a cakes, cookies, ect page That I can pull a dynamic list into. On the Main Categories template.

The problem is if I pull a list into the template page and filter it. There is no way to filter the template pages individually. Ie if I set the filter to reference cookies it will pull it into each of the pages of the main category template.

IS there a best practice for arranging your collections.
Should I create a cookies collection? Cakes collection? Ect?

Or just a page for each instead of using the category template page and pull in the information dynamically?

Is there a general best practice for collections structure?

My preview link is

Appreciate the assist @Waldo


For categories template:

If you will add a reference field “Category” to the collection, then you can filter that collection by “current category”. And I guess it will give you the layout that you want.


Thanks again. Not sure if I will ever get to the point of me being able to help you out. But I’m trying to pay it forward by answering some of the easier design questions.

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