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I am currently working on the Dynamic page"artist". and add a collection “artwork” under the page. Then set the filter as “Artist equal to current Artist”. This suppose work, and it was working for a long time.
I made some editing early and found that filter was not working at all after publish the site. And it works in the editor somehow. then i go back up to the previous save, the filter is still failed. I add a new collection and try new filter, it is still failed.

Anyone had similar problem?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I believe I’m having the same problem on my site. it was working fine earlier in the day. Something is up on Webflows end. I hope they have a solution soon.

Hi @adollei @MODBrian

Our team just finished a fix for this issue. It’s currently going through QA and should be live before the end of the day today.

​Thanks in advance for your patience!

Ok, I am current have to take down the problem part for now. And I found that Multi-reference filter is working just fine. If the problem is not fixed by tomorrow. I guess i have to add 3000 item multi-references.

We just pushed the fix and it should deploy within the next hour. I recommend publishing your project after ~1 hour and if the issue persists please let us know :bowing_man:

Everything is back now. Thank you.

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