CMS filter checkbox only showing listing from top 100


I am working on this site.

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Pass: Pma134pma135!!

The issue I am facing is the checkbox filter only showing the results from top 100 items.

Please see the image below

For first 100 listing the tags are showing properly and the listing shows when this checkbox is selected from Type. There might be 100 listing limit or what(I do not know). If you can see the Press Release(black bg) tag is showing fine but on another below listing the same tag is showing as text. The listings are only showing where tags are fine and with black bg but the text ones are not showing.

I made the same listing AP News to top 100 and the tag appeared fine. See image

I am struggling to fix this issue from last few hours but no luck. Anyone can help me, It would be great.


Hi Amir, we cannot see your internal page setup easily without your readonly designer link.

However in general, Webflow pagination maxxes out at 100 items. If you are using Finsweet’s Filter toolset it works well with FS CMS Load which is designed to tackle that limitation.

I used the CMS load to list all the items but the issue is with the collection checkbox. I have collection “Genres” and it has different generes. Each genere is set to different listing. The issue is when I go to this filter it does not show all listing with specific genre. It only shows result from top 100.

If you have setup FS CMS Filter and CMS Load correctly they will work fine together. I spend a lot of time working with their toolsets.

You might check the FS docs again? Usually it’s a configuration issue.

is there any chance we can get on a quick call? I really need help. I have spent more than 24 hours on it and was not able to get enough sleep as well last time.

Could you really help me, please? We can get on google meets. Please you can share the gmail account, I will send you a link.