CMS filter causing my blog cards to distort if there is only one search result

Hi Everyone, looking for some help ASAP.

I would like to apologise in advance about the mess of my project organisation (which may be the root of my problem) however I am having great difficulty getting my CMS filter search bar (Using Finsweets CMS Filter attributes) to not shrink and distort my blog cards when there is only one search result.

Photos to follow show how it looks when there is 2 search results and when there is only 1:

(What we want)

(Not what we want)

Obviously, I would like them to keep the same width no matter how many search results there are but I can’t seem to see the root of the problem.

New to this so any extra info that I am missing that might assist you in helping me troubleshoot this just give me a shout and I can provide it.


Here is my public share link:

(Webflow - Estate Pools)

Here is the live site link where you can test the issue for yourself:

Switch your collection list to a CSS grid rather than the columnated layout.
You should get a much better result.


Thanks a bunch, managed to get the issue sorted in minutes.