CMS File Field Not Working on Published Site

Hi there! I have added a file field to one of my collection items (“Case Studies”). I was able to upload the PDF file to the item in the CMS, and link it to a button in my webpage (“see case study” button). This works fine in the Editor Preview, but when I publish the site the link does not work.

Any ideas?

Read-only link here:


Hi @grit-webmaster! Are you able to share a link to your published site?

@blakelam here ya go!

@blakelam yes!

I looked at the published site, and I don’t see anything that stands out. Are you sure that you’ve published the most recent version with the PDF links in place?

Hi - thanks for taking a look. I have deleted the items, re-added them, removed the file, re-added it, re-published them, cleared my cache, etc. but no luck! In the preview site I can see the link but on the published site the href is just “#”

Update! I reached out to tech support and they found some custom code I am using for the slider is interfering with the link!

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Ah, glad you got that sorted!

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