CMS field not displaying on live site in Embed


I was wondering whether you might be able to help me @foxy?

I followed your really helpful tutorial ( and got the online store working with Webflow’s CMS data on my test site (Live | Read Only| Webflow) but when I try to implement the same thing on my actual site (Live | Flexible employee benefits platform | Heka Read Only | Webflow) I keep getting this error:

I’ve found this forum, FoxyCart Tutorial Issues - #3 by foxy but had no luck as I believe my category setting is already on default…!

Any help would be muchly appreciated.



Hi @alexGoSweat

I’m sure Josh will be along shortly! Or try their website instant chat?

I’ve not seen that error, but it may be to do with needing to match up your webflow categories with foxy categories. It’s not always necessary depending on the use case so I might be wrong…


You need to add a product category called desktop. You can find the errors in the log file.

You vann add the category in Foxy admin/products

Hi @alexGoSweat.
Checking in between turkey and pumpkin pie and saw your message. :slight_smile:

Just as @StuM and @JanneWassberg mentioned, if you’re passing in a category called Desktops in your product link/form in Webflow, you’ll need a matching category in Foxy here: Admin - FoxyCart

Passing in a category is completely optional, but does have some benefits:

  • Customer and admin specific email notifications
  • Category specific coupons and discounts
  • Category specific tax rates and shipping rules

Let us know if you run into any issues matching up your categories.


Hey @foxy, @StuM and @JanneWassberg,

Thanks for coming back to me (especially when it’s your Thank’s Giving Day).

Unfortunately, I’m still having difficulties and feel like I’ve exhausted as many possibilities as I can think of.

As you have suggested I have added categories under Foxy admin/Products (although before I did this I tried writing the code in the HTML ‘Button’ box with and without calling a ‘category’ and had no luck either way)

Even with the categories matching on Foxy and Webflow the CMS still isn’t pulling through.

This made me think maybe there is a problem with my CMS?! I have two ‘Reference Field Types’ (one for Categories and one for Sports Provider). I’ve added the Categories to Foxy but do you think I have to add the Sports Providers too (even if I don’t want to pull that information to the ‘Cart’)? There are a 179 Sports Providers so if it isn’t that would be a waste of time to copy them all over to Foxy.

CMS Categories

The code works fine on the site static

but when I try add any CMS (even just a name and price field) it either doesn’t show (which is what it is doing now) or produces the error: “CHANGE does not appear to be a valid category. Please login to your account manager and update your category list.”

Any help in helping me resolve this would be greatly appreciated as I’m at a complete loss :slight_smile:



Hi @alexGoSweat, I was taking a look at the published url, but having trouble finding the payment link, have you added that yet? Can you send a screenshot of that?

Hey @cyberdave,

Thanks so much for reaching out.

The ‘Payment’ button is there on Webflow Design

and works on Webflow read-only: Webflow (on the Session Page) but on the live site the button doesn’t show when any CMS is included in the HTML ‘payment’ button.

Thanks so much again,


Hi @alexGoSweat, thanks I am taking a look. BTW, the read-only link you provided is not the read-only link, that is the design link that nobody but you can access. See here: Share a read-only link | Webflow University

Hey @cyberdave,

Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile:

Sorry did not realise that was the case, here is the link:



Hi @alexGoSweat, thanks for your patience, could you please republish the site and then check the cart page again?

There was an issue on the backend that was affecting to this site specific and I have made an update to some site settings.

Thanks in advance, I am standing by.

Hi @alexGoSweat.
Just responded to your email. We’ll take a look and follow up shortly.


Hi @cyberdave and @foxy

Thanks so much for your help in getting this resolved. I think it is up and running now and working fine (just signed up to Foxy Cart and passed our first payment through it with Webflow). And looks like it’s all working fine now. Thank you very much!

@cyberdave will I be okay adding more CMS fields (i.e. Image etc)? I don’t want to risk breaking anything as can live without them but just wondering?



Hi @alexGoSweat.
Ok awesome! Glad to hear it! Please let us know if we can be of assistance in the future. :slight_smile:


Hi @alexGoSweat, glad to hear it is working, yep, you can add more fields, up to the limit in your collection.