CMS Field Limits on Free Account

Hi Webflow community

I finished the Portfolio course a few weeks ago but I havent yet find out how to add more sections to my portfolio (from the CMS).

In the course, each section part of the portfolio page was a field in the CMS, so it could replicate across all CMS pages. However, in my portfolio pages I want to include more sections like User Research, Personas, Usability tests etc… but I cant seem to add more than 20 CMS fields to the project. Is this a limitation because is a free account or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help!

Ive have a workaround juts using filters by page, I only have two projects right now but this could be incredibly inefficient.

Hi @NocodeCarlos Can you post your project’s read only link so I can fully understand the issue?

Hey Nelson, here it is.

Webflows course is set up to have a certain number of CMS fields, but what do I do if I want expand upon each of my projects?