CMS field custom label: "(this) is a reserved value"

hi! I’m trying to add “description” as the label/title for a rich text CMS field but it says “description is a reserved value”.

is there a workaround or can it be overruled?

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That is a hard stop so no option other than changing the value.

Can someone explain further? I’m now getting this on a Label field. I made a test CMS, and used a reference field called “Location” … now I’m trying to use the same reference in the ‘real’ existing Collection, and it won’t let me call it that. I even already changed the name in the test Collection to something else. It just says “Location is a reserved value” with no other information. Really bad UX, gotta say.

EDIT: OK, after a lot of goofy @#%$^@$% I deleted the test collection that had the original name for the reference. BUT STILL I get the same error, when no collection has “Location” as a label. So, what gives?

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did you find a solution for that?