CMS Export not exporting all items

Hello guys,

I need to export my whole CMS data, but when i click export, it only comes with 26 items and i have 235. Is it a bug or the fact that i’m using LibreOffice to read .CSV archive is influencing in the problem?

It should not. Try validating the CSV.

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I validated, but got no errors, just one warning

Do u have anything on mind?

I would be happy to review the CSV file for you. Send me a PM with it attached or I can send you a file upload link.

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Thanks for all your help Jeff, I sent you a PM with an onedrive link for the CSV file

Got it. CSVint showed the same number of rows as MS Excel. I recommend another export to test as mentioned in our PM.

I’m experiencing the same issue, only the first two items of my exported CSV are displaying. Any solves for this?

@joshljacobs1 => By chance do you have any multi-image fields in that collection?

I do! Is that causing the issue? If so, how can I get around this?

That is a bug.