CMS Export & Hosted Emails

Love Webflow so much! The CMS is so fantastic. The only thing I am concerned about with hosting is that I am unable to edit the raw files for the website and change the code. Also, I need a hosting solution that also provides email accounts for the domain! Will you be adding either of these soon?

I recommend zoho for email. You can do up to 10 emails for your domain on the free account and if you refer people, you can get up to 25.

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Thanks! What about being able to edit the raw files? Does anyone know about this? This is one of the main concerns I have with hosting on Webflow!

Edit the raw files how? Like edit the code of the site? That is on the roadmap as far as I can tell from various discussions on the forum but no clue when or if it will happen. If you mean filehosting, I think that will happen eventually. For now, you can host on dropbox and link to it.

Ah, interesting. Can I do that with HTML files on Dropbox or just PDFs, images, etc.?

Yeah I was concerned about both editing the code of the pages I create in Webflow and also uploading my own files and then editing them inside Webflow.

Uploading your own files most likely will never be supported by webflow. Hosting files would be for occasional extra files like PDFs. Images can be uploaded into webflow. You can export webflow sites and host them on your own server if you want as well