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CMS event Calendar that displays all month days, even "empty" days

like in subject i need to build event calendar showing all month days or specific range of days but displaying every day, even ones with no CMS item/ with no event. Best would be situation where clean calendar generetes itself and adding events as CMS items puts them into calendar. And it is highly demanded to be free or paid-once solution – not subscription.

For example: Strona główna - Teatr Dramatyczny im. Aleksandra Węgierki w Białymstoku
Teatr Powszechny w Łodzi

You can choose day and see events on that day but days with no events are inactive.

Antother option is to display grid with all month days and events inside, like here:

Can anyone help? :slight_smile:

hi @Lukasz_Pawluczuk there is a good amount of free or pay-once license calendars. here is one link for best free event calendars but it is on your needs and skills what library you will choose. :wink:

Thank you @Stan But can i integrate any of those with webflow CMS? My client needs to create events in webflow CMS as CMS items and than display them inside the calendar. I need simple to set up solution as i know the basics I am still rather designer than coder :slight_smile:

Hi @Lukasz_Pawluczuk you need to find one free library that can be delivered via any CDN like e.g. jsDelivr and look on Github when library was last time updated as some libraries are very old and not maintained. Another option will be using paid libraries like “fullCallendar” where you have full support. Your call. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Stan I’ll get a closer look at it and try to manage this :slight_smile: Still It would be nice to have posibillity to do it natively in Webflow . Topic is on a wishlist so there’s a hope :slight_smile:

There’s always hope :wink: