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CMS editor unable to login to site

I have invited a contributor, who has created an account and then tries to access the site by adding /edit? at the end of the url, but cannot log in because she is being asked to create an account each time.
I can’t reproduce the problem; it works for me, have you any suggestions? (PS I am using Chrome on a PC, she is using Safari on a Mac, if that’s relevant…)

Can you delete the account and get her to try creating it again?

Yes, I’ve just tried that, same result.

Hi @Hywel, Thanks for the report about this, I am sorry to hear about the trouble :-/

Some information needed:

  1. site url in Webflow
  2. email address that invite was sent to
  3. exact safari version and mac os version ( is a good way to get this info, go there and click the link to get an anonymous browser information link).

If the issue persists, you may also contact to That way we can help without sharing private email addresses or site details regarding the invite that was sent out.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks I will drop you an email shortly.

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