CMS Dynamic slider

I have a slider which has 12 slides all pulling in images from a collection. The problem I have is that it shows the mask as a slide at the end (I have made it red).

Thanks in advance

where is the public link so we can see it. there is nothing to check here.

Here is the link. Go to projects then click on a project with a read more.

Then you will see the slider with the red mask at the end of each slider.

Hi I have the same issue on two of my sites. I have a design solution which consist in adding content to the mask, so when it shows up, you have a content that makes sense: typically, a bg image, a title and text and a call to action button. You can make all that content dynamic too.

When you think about it, it’s good to have a cal to action at the end of a slider. You made the user enter in a little narrative experience, it’s effective to propose an action after that, even if it’s “Continue reading”.

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