CMS Driven Site with Webflow and Plone

I keep up with the Webflow forums so I know the frustration that many people have with moving their static Webflow designs into a dynamic CMS. That’s why I’m creating “Webflow, Meet Plone: Build a CMS Driven Site with Webflow and Plone” a mini video series that will teach you how to easily combine the the beauty of Webflow with the speed and security of the Plone CMS.

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I wrote a blog post to give some context:

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Very interesting. Thanks for the write up and future video tutorials I’m eager to check it out.

I’m really looking forward to this @pigeonflight Can’t wait to see the video, I think everyone is keen to know as many CMS solutions as possible. :thumbsup:

@pingram3541 and @Godweeno it’s great to know that there’s some excitement around this.
I’ve spent the last couple days making the setup a bit easier for newbies.
One thing that’s always important is to have some kind of sandbox. For this I’m using Heroku… This means that persons will be able to follow along with an installation that is identical to my own. It just requires setting up a free Heroku account.

Here’s a very rough cut version of a video for installing a Webflow ready Plone (no narration etc… you you should still get the idea):

I released some of the videos in October. Here’s a quick write-up about that:

Video tutorials are harder to make than I thought :sweat_smile:
Respect to all video tutorial creators!