CMS data only change from page to page instead of item to item

Hello, everyone,
I have created a CMS with products. The product sheet contains various data linked to the CMS and almost all of it works very well.
I have created progress bars with an ‘embed’, whose ‘width’ value is determined by a CMS field to indicate the percentages of terpenes. The problem is these progress bars: these percentages remain the same on all products on a given page, despite the fact that the CMS values are different for each product. What am I doing wrong?

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Il tuo codice è completamente sbagliato per questa funzionalità che cerchi. Il css viene sempre sovrascritto dall’ultimo elemento della lista, i valori saranno sempre e solo quelli

I can’t actually see your progress bars in action in the designer- it appears that view may be generated by script.

However in terms of approach, I think I’d go with a CSS calc() approach so you can size it easily from the CMS, while keeping your exact styling.

Hai ragione, grazie del feedback!