CMS Custom fields not updating

I’ve built one cms for my site and am running into a couple blockers:

  1. How can I hide fields from view on some of the pages?
  2. I’ve created several custom fields and am not able to delete some of them while some of the new fields are not viewable in the dropdown menu in the designer. For example: I want to delete ‘my approach bullets’ and gain access to ‘my approach column 1’ and ‘my approach column 2’

Thank you in advance for your help and I’m looking forward to getting unstuck here.

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

Conditional visibility. You’ll need a rule to decide when you want them to appear, and when you don’t, and you’ll base the visibility of those elements on that rule.

You need to unbind all references to a field before you can delete it.
e.g. here’s one I found-

Thank you @memetican :slight_smile:
Super grateful.
I’ll try this out today and see how it works.

I’ll also watch this webflow “Conditional visibility” video because I have not worked with that yet.

Hi @memetican
I checked out Conditional Visibility and it looks good, but I think better for smaller variants in pages.

I noticed that CMS can have multiple collections. In this type of instance would it be better for me to create separate collections for pages that have too many differences from the original?

For example, I will have case studies for Product Design work and then Brand work. The story telling (and therefor blocks of information) flow differently than the Product Design pages. I would still like all to link to the home page to showcase projects.

Thank you and looking forward to your expertise.

There are pros and cons to single-collection v. multi-collection approaches for your article content. Either way you’ll have tradeoffs.

Here’s an approach when I want to keep the collection singular and more maintainable ( also for certain SEO goals, depending ), but I want some degree of variance across different item types;

If you go with separate collections to give you different layout paradigms, you can’t natively merge those into a single collection list, e.g. Product Design case studies and Brand case studies would be separate lists.

However you can merge them with Finsweet’s CMS Combine, and then paginate and filter them if you need with CMS Load and CMS Filter. A bunch of setup but a nice result.

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Success! I have deleted ‘my approach bullets’

Do you know how I might I have these two sections show up from the dropdown menu?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @memetican
Thank you for your earlier message, I missed it.
I watched the tutorial for setting up variable layouts and will give that a try :slight_smile:

When you have a moment, please let me know what you think about the question above regarding ‘my approach…’ and it not appearing in the projects dropdown menu.


I can’t guess what you’re trying to do, the question doesn’t give much information.
But, if you’re trying to bind a rich text field, you need to bind it to a rich text element.
Plain text element can only bind to plain text fields.

Thank you @memetican
Your response helped!
I forgot to add it as a Rich Text field.