CMS custom embed code

erm @brryant, do you have a rough time frame on this? Just like to plan my pages out. If this function will be out before New Year then I will wait and use the collection pages. Otherwise I will have to use manual pages. Thanks!

I would also love this feature! I need to insert a table.

Any word on this yet?

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Any chance this is going to be released in January? Super keen!

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Hey guys, been following this thread since early December.

Do we have any update on embeds in CMS Rich Text fields? We’ve built a full page for a client, which they love, and everything’s hinging on this functionality for us. I don’t think we can really proceed without it, it’s an awfully important element.

Thanks for all your impressive work!


Same situation for us!

Hot from the oven!

Just create a rich text field for embedding of custom code.



Seriously, thank you. I owe someone a beer.


Is the rich media embeds the feature your referring to? Or is there an embed feature still in the works? Big thumbs up for all the great features webflow team!

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Is this feature only for “known” services. I like Webflow but am struggling to customize some stuff here. When I think embedding code, I think I can add my own HTML (which I need to do). And it’s becoming painful. I really don’t want to switch hosts. Is this going to be allowed? I’d like to create my own “widget” and embed directly via iFrame or Web Componets (polyfill).

If not this, can you customize templates for an individual blog post without creating a brand new page?

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I’m considering using the CMS for a project but would need to be able to offer my client the ability to paste a custom code snippet into the page to provide 3rd party functionality (in this case a form that links to their CRM).

Am I right in saying this is not currently possible?

If not, another +1 from me please!


Exactly the same for me on many occasions! And for some personal projects down the road too (Put off simply because of this). It would really make a lot of peoples days!

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I there
Would be good to have a field for HTML in CMS. Should be perfect to insert things such as table and post from software such as blogger…


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Can we embed into CMS yet?

I want to embed Tweets and videos from sources outside of Youtube and Vimeo…


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In theory you should be able to embed any kind of HTML with the dynamic embeds feature. Based off of the preview I saw in the Webflow Workshop it’s not that difficult to do.

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It seems we’re still not able to embed tweets. Anyone knows if this will get resolved soon?

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The service that Webflow uses,, does not provide Twitter support.

When you see Twitter in that list, then yes we can finally embed Twitter.

Does that mean we’ll never be able to embed tweets into posts?

Do you have a link to this video? Thanks