CMS "current item" wrong URL

Hello, I’m stuggling with a CMS collection.

When I set a link to “current realisation” (realisations being my collection), the automatic URL is wrong, Webflow seems to add a “/en” before “/realisations/current_realisation”.

The link displayed is thus “/en/realisations/current_realisation” but it should be “/realisations/current_realisation”

This maybe has to do with localization but i don’t find how to get the correct link.

Thank you for your help !

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1

Hmmm, that’s wild. You’re not using Weglot or anything? I don’t see that init script.
Smells like a bug with localization, you’ll need to message support.

You could temporarily add a wildcard redirect e.g. /en/realisations/(.*)/realisations/%1 but that’s a hack and your site probably needs to be on a paid hosting plan to configure redirects.

Thank you for your reply.

No i’m not using Weglot or any other localization extension…

My quickfix was to add a custom field with the correct link and use that instead of “current item”.

But this is a supplementary step for the client so I was wondering if someone could find the “true” solution.

I’ll contact the support, thanks!