CMS Content from one Webflow project to another

Is it possible to push CMS content from one project to another automatically? So I basically want one main CMS and another that is mirrored on another project. Any ideas on how this can be achieved? :slight_smile:

You build out the project, then copy to another. Then using the API with a separate application, push CMS data from one project to another. You can’t populate multi-reference fields on CSV imports, but you can with custom code.

Hi Jeff. Yes exactly. I guess my question is, what would that separate application be and how would it be set up? I don’t see how to use Zapier in this case, since its only connection to forms.

I guess that depends on what language you wanted to use for leveraging the API. It could be a traditional app server, or a headless Node app. It could be a desktop app. You would need to figure out all the features you would need, and start from there. Limitations are going to be API rate limits, API functionality, and programming skills. This is not a low budget approach, just so you know.

Ah ok. I thought it would be a easy thing since its all Webflow :confused:
Well thank you for you help :slight_smile: