CMS Conditions between "file-on" and "link-on"

Hello everyone!

I’m stil learning about CMS and conditions.

I came across the following situation:
I created a collecion where some itens contains file and other contain just a link.

I’m trying to let the composition contain both types of items but, when I choose the setting (as the picture ahead)…


… When I choose that condition, I can’t show the other kind of item (with link only).

How can I resolve that situation? Can you help me?

Thanks from now. Big hugs everyone!

Hi @Leandro_Souza_Fernan,

Welcome to the forum!

I’m thinking could use two different link blocks - one for URL links and one for files.

You set the conditional visibility on the file link block to ‘Element is visible when… File is set

And the conditional visibility on the URL link block would be ‘Element is visible when… Link is set

Hope this helps! If this doesn’t fix your issue, could you please provide us with a Read-only link to your website?


Oh, gosh! So simple!

Thanks so much for the tip!