CMS Conditional Visibility

I can’t provide a public share link due to NDA Agreement, but i will provide the full context of the situation.

I have a blog on my website. This blog page is a CMS Collection for all the posts.
I also have a CMS Collection called “Products”, with all products that my company has.

When creating a new post, the person is able to select a “Banner Type” (a CMS reference field for the Products collection".

On the CMS Blog page, i’ve some banners (13 to be exact, one for each product), and i’ve applied a Conditional Visibility to each one of them.

So, if the current post of the page has a Banner Type of X Product, it is going appear the banner with the conditional visibility of type X Product.

The current problem with that is that, when the page is loaded, the elements are only hidden from the user. When analyzing the code block, you can see that all the other banners are on the page and set with a “hidden”, since they are not related to that specific actual product.
This impacts the SEO , since i’ve a lot of banners, with a range variety of links being loaded in a post that does not relate to them (those links).

Given that, is there a way to set a value similar to “Conditional Visibility”, but that does not LOAD that element on the page? This would be the ideal approach for that feature, without impacting Search Engines Crawling.

Here is my public blog link: Maquininha com menor taxa: o que você precisa saber?

Not natively.

You can remove them with custom code, which will work for Google- or you can use a reverse proxy setup to filter those out completely.

However you might also just be able to redesign your page, instead of using conditional vis, you might be able to store the banners in the CMS and then use a filtered collection list to construct them. That would be my preferred approach in this situation.