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CMS Color for Rich Text Links

[Edit: Have found a workaround, please see second post.]

Hey Everyone,

On my website I have pages for each client I have done work for, and in the CMS I have assigned a color.
Seen below, the color I assigned to this client I have set to change the color of the header “Client/Job Info.” I have also assigned this colour to several other items on the page as well and that’s all good.

HOWEVER, what I want to be able to do it style the text links in my Rich-Text “client-page-writeup” to also have this custom color. So on each client page, the Rich text description written in the CMS will colour the links inside to whatever the set colour in the CMS is.

Does anyone have any clues on how to do this?

I have managed to find a simple workaround. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this to start with.

Going into the settings for the collection page, it was as simple as making my own CSS markup and adding the dynamic field in for the colour.

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