CMS collections referencing

Hi! This is a tricky one and I need your help! I’ll try to explain it properly…

I have a collection with ARTICLE items containing a lot of technical TERMs.

What I want to do is to have another collection where each item is a TERM and have the DefinitionS of it. In fact, each TERM will have more than one definition because it can change depending on the context in which it is been used.

Finally, in the TERM TEMPLATE page I want to be able to show and link next to each Definition the ARTICLEs in which the Term is been used with that specific Definition.

We are talking about a lot of articles and terms (a few hundreds).(I can’t share links as it’s for a client)

I really hope it makes sense and you can help. Thank you!

Hey @alessio

Indeed it seems a bit tricky :o
What influences the choice of the appropriate definition of a term in an article ? Is it an article category ?
Is there a set number of definition and types of definition for your terms ? (definition 1 for all of the article with the category Y ?)
In the term template, do you want the article to automatically be paired to each definition ?