CMS / Collections Nav Bar Control?

I cannot find any tutorials or literature on how to make the Nav Bar menu items be created and controlled within a CMS?

Hi @Marnix_Garner what is it that you’re trying to do? It should be possible as I use it on my e-commerce site to display the list of categories in a dropdown. If you can share your link and what you’re trying to do it would be helpful to see if there’s a solution.

I haven’t started anything yet, I was researching to learn how to implement this first but cannot find any literature on it. I basically would like my client to have the ability in the CMS to add a new page and then to be able to add a new button link to the new page in the nav bar or at the very least be able to add a new link under a dropdown menu in the nav bar?

Hi @Marnix_Garner that should be possible but maybe double check if doing it through the CMS is the best way to do it or maybe having it as a Symbol that’s manually edited that’s better. But in terms of doing it technically that’s definitely something that’s doable. On my website you can see under resources this is a CMS collection (list of categories).

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Hi, I’m looking for the same thing. What I want to know is, whenever I created a new page in CMS collection, can I make it to automatically update the link in navigation bar? Is it possible to do it with CMS?