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CMS Collections Misbehaving a baaad way

I have a CMS called “Projects” and within that are 5 collections.
Every time I try to change content in a section, i.e. from video to multi-image, it changes content in all of the collections.

How do I stop this from happening?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @RoadAstronaut welcome to the forum! :wave:

That sounds like odd behaviour. Would you be able to send through the Read only link to your site?

Also if you have a recording or something showing this behaviour. You can use something like Loom to record.


Thanks @RoadAstronaut. I’m not quite sure I see what you are experiencing. Could you provide some additional information to point me in the right direction? Thanks!


It’s hard to explain without adding you as a collab to the project.

Hm, would you be able to record a short video? Feel free to DM it to me if you want.

Hi Drew.

I think I got some of it working - I don’t know how or why it started working, but it is.

The only issue I’m having now is that I need to delete a section element from one collection page, but when I do it deletes a section item from all collection pages.

I’ve tried giving the section a separate class but that doesn’t work either.

Thanks for your time.

Hey @RoadAstronaut,

A collection page will always have the same structure for each collection item. If you want to adjust the layout for just one of the collection items, try using conditional visibility.

Thank you, very much