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CMS Collections: How to create a user profile with multiple interlinked pages from a form?

Hi, I am looking for a way to fill out a CMS Collection that will use the data to create a couple interlinked pages for each user.

Take a look at our demo user profile:
Feel free to play around and see what our platform does.

There are five pages for each profile to create:

  1. (1-3 stars link to /demo/feedback. 4-5 stars link to /demo/review)
  2. (the links here should be dynamic—not all users will have the same links)
  3. (connects with Zapier to let users know they received negative feedback)
  4. (confirms form submission)
  5. (where all form data gathered from /demo/feedback accumulates)

What’s the best way to utilize the webflow CMS to allow us to easily create profiles like this for new customers?

Thanks for your wisdom!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @vitaliyg :wave:

That’s a great concept you have there, I really like it and something I will have use for on a personal project actually! :tada:

While I personally don’t have an in-depth solution for you, I feel that a video @PixelGeek recorded a while ago may give you some more answers in the capabilities of Webflow using Zapier.

You can basically have a user enter some data live on your site, which can then be sent to Zapier, which then creates a new collection item and publishes straight to your site (or as a draft for you to approve)

Here is the the livestream for you:

I really hope it helps! :smiley:

Hey Mark! Thanks for taking a look. I actually used @PixelGeek’s method to collect the data from the negative feedback from and aggregate it into a collection.

Amidst this experimentation, I actually broke some of the functionality and had to restore from backup :frowning:

Going to put this on pause right now until I can think of a better approach. I tried!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to better streamline new user creation without having to replicate existing pages, re-uploading user logos, and rewiring each page together, I’m all ears!

@magicmark feel free to send me a message about getting this setup for your personal project :slight_smile:

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