CMS Collections Export Question

So perhaps I missed something thinking you can export a cms “collection” onto an external hosting site and have a form without hosting?

Here is my situation, I am a contract worker is will be going full-time for my current company. They currently use BlueHost and have a really poor Wordpress site; however, their SEO is amazing. I wanted to build them a new site with Webflow, and my site has cms with collections and one form with captcha. I was thinking I would be able to package and import onto BlueHost and change DNS and maybe do some 301 redirects for old pages that are no longer for SEO and viola! but this doesnt seem to be the case.

Can anyone help or provide any best practice advice for this situation?



Webflow does not offer CMS functionality on externally hosted sites. That would be your responsibility. Same goes for forms.

Personally I would just rebuild the WordPress site with modern tooling and problem solved. Pinegrow can be used to create a new theme based off an existing Webflow site. Or you could use a modern theme with complete page builder functionality like Bricks which is in my tool chest.

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Hi, Does it work if i Created Static pages instead of CMS? will i be able to export the whole website then?

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