CMS Collections: Can I assign the same card to multiple categories?

Hi, the scenario is:

Under our CMS Collections, we use categories and cards for industries and services:

  1. Industry 1 (Category)
  2. Service 1 (Card), Service 2 (Card), and so on…

Currently, one card is assigned to one category only i.e. E-Commerce (Industry); Order Management (Service 1), Logistics (Service 2). In the event that I need “Order Management” for a different industry, I will have to duplicate that card and place it under a new category.

However, I’d like to create individual cards that I can use for different categories that I do not have to duplicate. Basically, I want to create one card that can have multiple categories.

Question: How do I gain access to the existing categories instead of having to create new ones?
I see that there is a plus sign near the “Category” section. But it only redirects me to creating a new category and not the existing ones.

See screenshots for reference:

Can anybody help?

Thank you!

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