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CMS Collection without the default required fields

Is there no way to create a CMS collection without the two default fields namely: title and slug? I have a simple collection of FAQs and I neither want a slug generated for them nor do I want a single line field.

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Simple answer: There’s no way to do that

same issue here. i’d prefer not to have to populate the default fields with dummy data.


Brandon here from Webflow Customer Support.

I saw this post as I was researching other CMS content.

When creating anything that is related to the CMS, it MUST have a name and a slug related to it.

You can change the name to whatever you want, but it must be in your list. Now you can disallow the the slug from be index by updating your robot.txt doc, but that would in a sense remove your FAQs or whatever you are using it for from being indexed and searched online or even in the site if you plan on using site search.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon