CMS Collection Setup

Hi there,

I am new to Webflow and need help with the fields set up in my Daybreak Collection. I imported a csv file and it added various other fields. I am unsure which to keep and to delete. I need to have all the elements the original blog had on this page,

I was able to convert an RSS feed, to a csv with headers, which is what brought some of those fields in.

I would like to clean it up; but didn’t want to delete something pertinent. Help?

Also, how do I reference latest posts under “Latest Posts?” Is that via a filtering of dates? Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you tried to import it as is, and decide during import which field needs to be imported, and ignore the rest?

“Latest” is a notion most likely used in sorting, not filtering. So yes, sort by dates. now it’s evident for items you’re adding one after another inside of Webflow, but for imported items, you need to have a publishing date of some sort to import along each items.

Thank you Vincent. I have started deleting what seems not needed.

These are the fields that I am hesitant about deleting. Since I don’t know what they do, I am nervous about limiting some functionality I may need in the future.


Thank you.