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Is there a way to link “View All” to a different page depending on what bios template page its linking from? I am using the Bios Collection on two separate pages, “About Us” and Bios-2022-2023". Depending on what bio template is active, I need it to go back to either of these pages.

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Hi Kim, you can select link and then bind it to your View All link field.

Hey @kimwild!

If I’m understanding you right, it sounds like the simplest solution to this would be to just create a true “back” button, that functions similar to your browsers back button. This way when someone lands on a bio from the about page and then decides to view all again, the button would simply take them back to the about page. The same concept would apply to the Bios archive page.

The downside to this method would be if someone were linked directly to one of the bios, clicking this button would take them back to the previous page in their browser history instead of the archive page.

The easiest method for this is to change the URL of your button to be:


So I deleted that View All field because I couldn’t get it to work. Sometimes I need it to go to the About page and, with others to the Bios-2022-2023 page.

What I wound up doing (and I do not know if this is the best way to go about this), I added a link field in the CMS collection. For those that need to go back to about, I put the actual url of the website in as “About PEACE” and the others back to “Bios-2022-2023

Is there a way to have a CMS field link to a page instead of it using the URL?


No, the way Webflow’s CMS is designed, it doesn’t “know” anything about the site design, including what pages exist.

But I suspect you don’t need that link field at all.
Here’s a discussion of other ways you can connect your bios to your years/cohort “season” page and to your about page, depending.

Wow, thank you so much for that video. It is super helpful!
Yes, as the list got longer and I kept getting new information from the client, I considered breaking it into two CMS collections with the years. I will have to next year because I may reach a maximum if this continues. But I was hesitant because of all the work moving items from one list to another. Or maybe I can export/import. I will have to try that. In the meantime, I will try your two-button method and have it hide.
Thank you!