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CMS Collection Page for each Page I made

So I am currently trying to make a cms collection of all my pages that I created for each individual basketball court I research. However, the problem seems to be creating a cms collection of each page. I don’t know how to add each page (of each court) into the cms collection. Any ideas or thoughts?

my read only link: Webflow - Basketball Courts of NYC

You’d have to take the info on each static page and add it to fields within your CMS, then based upon the Slug field you could display each individual one of those CMS Items on your CMS Collection Page.

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Thank you. I also forgot that I can make a collection page, style it and then update it via google sheets, tag the data that needs to be changed and then re-style it. Now for the CMS collection update automation via google sheets? is that even possible…

Now for the CMS collection update automation via google sheets? is that even possible…

Not sure on that one. I know for a fact it’s doable with Airtable (I’ve done it) via their “automations” but not sure about Goog Sheets.

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Hi @Bryce_Balingit, it is possible to use automation i.e. Zapier to update cms items from Google Sheets.

You will need the collection item id for the collection you are updating and pass that when you are making an update request, the collection id for each item is shown in individual items info in the designer at the bottom of the item detail.

Here is an article that may help: Update live Webflow items for new or updated rows in a Google Sheet

More help is available in the Integrations or custom code category here on the forum.

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Nice, I have been hoping for something like this when I was lurking in the forums. Zapier and Update Webflow CMS with a CSV import - PowerImporter was what I have seen people post. I will read up more on Zapier, but I was wondering if there was a cheaper way to go. Is Zapier free?

Hi @Bryce_Balingit, Zapier I believe has a free plan, you would have to contact to Zapier for pricing at

There are other services also such as Integromat, parabola that you can check out, there is also a direct api to the cms, see the developers page at

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Is there a way to use the CMS collection to connect each of my collection pages’ addresses to each individual embeded google map on each collection page?

Hi @Bryce_Balingit thanks for your question, it is possible to create dynamic embedded google maps for each Collection Item in a collection.

See this post for more info and some tips: Dynamic Google Maps

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