CMS Collection Page - Adding Links (not clickable on frontend/output)


I just got started with Collections and Styling Collection Page(s). Everything is going well. One of the items I’ll need to populate are links (so I inserted some link elements on the backend to the map to the final page for output).

For instance here’s part of my layout:

URL String Below it (i.e. “”)

In the example above the CMS brings in the content beautifully and I can style it, but it’s not yet clickable - but in the backend, I bring it in as a “Link” so I didn’t know if Webflow would add the link automatically and it didn’t.

Now if I manually wrap the URL string with Link Block - that works, but it carries the same link across all of the outputed pages (not what I am after)…

I just need the link to be the URL itself, and then link to that same exact URL.

Thanks in advance for any help!

David Martinez

Hello! Can you include your read-only link?

If I understand it correctly, you should also link that “link block” to the CMS “Link” field you created in the backend. Then each page will have its own button / link working properly. Hopefully this will help you :slight_smile:

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Hello Reyneil - thanks for your input! You helped me solve the issue! I appreciate it, it was the “Link Block” that I need to map back to the link from the backend, and put a text item inside of that and I can optionally map content into there or make a generic name.

Super helpful, thank you good sir! :star_struck: