CMS Collection List Filtering

So I need some help trying to get my CMS collection list to show the right information.

Now I might be going about this in wrong way as I’m quite new to Webflow, but I’m trying to keep varying collections lists of like for like material surfaces controlled by single parent CMS.

So firstly I have a CMS called “MaterialTypes“ This is my parent/controller, it has entry’s like Wood,Metal,Marble

I have another CMS called “Woods“ which has a custom fields reference to “MaterialTypes“ of which is set to “Wood“ my thinking is that within this CMS I can have woods1, woods2, woods2 etc and it stays neat and tidy.

My problem is that when I come to display the information through my collection list wrapper. I’m setting the source to “MaterialTypes“ but I just cant get it to pull through any of the other CMS collections.

what should I do? I want the wrapper to show essentially everything. Show me everything in Woods CMS, Everything in Metal CMS. Then if I want filter to only show me Woods CMS and nothing else can do.

I thought a controller CMS could do this but I seem to be wrong.

Thanks in advance!


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That’s awesome, thanks Michael! Didn’t expect such a detailed answer, thanks for taking the time to do that! The CMS filter you reference looks exactly like the thing I’m after next too!

Heres the read only, works as you suggested! plus basic filtering on the collection list settings too