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CMS collection in the middle of a CMS item

I have some posts about different tips for doing something, that I want to put CMS collections in the middle of the text.
For example, I have a post about tips for healthy hair. 1 of the tips is pre-wash oil treatment.
is there a way to imbed a CMS collection right below this tip to show a feed of various recipes for oil treatment?
in the same post, there is another tip regarding vitamin water and I want to imbed a CMS collection below that one too, to show a feed of vitamin water recipes.
If not a CMS collection, is there a way to put link blocks (not text links) in the middle of posts as a workaround instead of a CMS collection to show the relevant feeds with picture, title and Read More?

You can’t place a collection list in a collection list, nor can you stop the flow of one to add content. It is possible to do this with custom code using jQuery or vanilla JS. Might not be worth the expense if you need to hire someone.

Hello Jeff,
thanks for your answer.
can you please point me to a resource where I can learn jQuery or vanilla JS.
maybe I can figure it out myself. I did learn how to work with HTML and CSS with the help of such resources without help.
BR, Ilana